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Registration is simple. Visit our Sign-Up page, fill in the necessary details about your brand, and submit your application for review.

We look for brands that align with our ethos of quality, sustainability, and style. Your products should cater to a family-centric lifestyle, and you must have a track record of excellent customer service.

There is a tier-based subscription fee, which will be detailed during the sign-up process. We offer various levels to suit different brand needs and sizes.

Yes, you can update your brand information at any time through your brand dashboard.

Once registered, you can submit products through your dashboard by selecting the Kids’ Fashion category and providing product details and images.

We offer promotional support through our curated collections, social media shout-outs, newsletter features, and the opportunity for enhanced visibility during special campaigns.

Your brand dashboard includes analytics tools that allow you to track views, clicks, and conversion rates.

Returns and exchanges are handled according to your brand’s policy. Gallerwee provides the platform for transaction processing, but customer service issues are managed by your brand.

Absolutely. You can set up exclusive promotions through your brand dashboard.

Our technical support team is available to assist you with any issues. Please reach out via the Contact Us form or directly through the support email.

Our team meticulously reviews all product submissions to ensure they meet our quality and style standards before they go live on the platform.

We provide insights into market trends, customer behaviors, and performance analytics of your products on our platform.

Featured spots are part of our subscription packages, and you can also be selected by our editorial team based on product performance and customer feedback.

We encourage you to update your brand profile and product listings to reflect these changes and inform our team so we can assist with any necessary adjustments.

You can cancel your subscription through your dashboard. If you need to remove your brand entirely, please contact our support team for a guided process.

If your question isn’t listed here, please don’t hesitate to reach out above.